Who Can Quilt My Quilt Top

You have worked very hard making a beautiful quilt top and now it's ready to be quilted. But who can actually quilt it for you?

I suggest doing a Google search for quilters. Contact at least 3 of them for estimates. You will find that the prices will vary greatly. But why?

The hand quilters are going to be expensive. It takes a great deal of time for one quilter to do a fair sized quilt. Sometimes a quilting guild will hand quilt it for you where several people work on it together.

The long-arm quilters are usually expensive because they have invested a great deal of money into their large machines. In the thousands of dollars. The designs are beautiful.

There are single stitch machine quilters who will do it. But I can tell you right now that it's a very strenuous experience, especially if you have a large quilt top. And single stitch machines have a limited number of stitches for a quilt of fair size. Mostly the stitches would be straight stitch, a wavy stitch or zigzag. Other stitches can be used by are very time consuming.

You can have your top hand quilted, machine quilted or embroidered.

I have a Brother Luminaire SP2 that makes quilting a very simple process. Of course I had to get several lessons on how to use the machine but it has been a God send.  Give me a call for an estimate.